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Passenger vehicles can and will collect very specific data on our driving habits. This data can be stored, analysed and used to ascertain fault in accidents, speeding cases and manufacturers gas mileage gucci outlet UK sale claims; it can also be used to take proactive measures to avoid collisions. Some of this data collection and processing ability exists already, but it is nowhere near as robust as it will soon become.

But how do light ice creams taste? Ingolf Gruen, Associate Professor of Food Chemistry at the University of Missouri, has done extensive discount gucci handbags testing on ice cream, and says that while light ice cream isn't quite as creamy and delicious as premium (you probably could have guessed that), if you Gucci Bag Outlet stick with a brand that has between four and 10 percent fat, you'll still get very good flavor. Go any lower than that, and you delve into the realm of "nonfat" ice cream, (which, despite the label, really isn't ever completely nonfat) and you'll start to taste the difference.

Go easy on the sticky stuff. Mousses, sprays, and gels are our hairdos' best friends, since they can keep your hairstyle in place and make it look better than usual. However, we can't hide the fact that they are our hair's and scalp's worst enemies. These hair products can contribute to oily build up; less usage of these products helps control dandruff.

The bullhorn handlebars are attractive and comfortable, and the dual brakes are an excellent idea. Though many people feel you should ride brakeless, I think you should always have at least one brake on the bike for safety, especially if you're a newer rider. Either way, with all the extras included here, this is a cheap fixed gear bike that's a steal of a deal at around $279.

And Honda Motor Co. were among the dozens of brands showcasing new vehicles at the auto show in bustling, prosperous Guangzhou, near Hong Kong.The beleaguered Japanese automakers have suffered sharp drops in their China sales since a territorial dispute over East China Sea islands flared in September, inflaming anti Japanese sentiment and sparking sometimes violent protests.

As you get ready for your gym workouts, one thing that you must be keeping in mind is that you're wearing proper footwear. While you've very likely checked out the latest fashions in gym clothing and are sporting a new workout get up that gets you feeling good as you walk through the door, it's important not to overlook function for fashion.

Studies of depressed people have shown that they tend to have a reduced sense of smell and a smaller olfactory bulb. In fact, one of the easiest ways to bring about depression in lab rats (in order to say, test antidepressant drugs on them, or just because you really hate rats) is to remove their olfactory bulb. De smelled rats immediately become lethargic, listless and uninterested in rewards or grooming, and they start listening to Morrissey on their teeny tiny little rat headphones.